Robust, Fast, and Secure Start your Futures Trading Journey with Up To 100X Leverage
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No. of Futures 100+
Futures Markets
Why BitMart
Secure and High-performance Our stable and fast matching engine can run up to 100,000 orders per second, with a latency of fewer than 5 milliseconds.
Your Trade, Your Rules 1-100x leverage can be adjusted freely, supporting short and long positions.
24/7 Live Support We are receptive to your needs and available 24/7 to help you out.
Vast Crypto Futures Products Choice Select from over 100 futures, including USDT and Coin-margined implements.
Four Steps to Futures Trading
Open a Futures account Sign in to your BitMart account or register via BitMart register link.
Transfer or Deposit funds Depending on sufficiency, you can Transfer funds from your Spot trading account to your Futures account or Deposit funds into your Spot trading account if funds are lacking.
Open a position Select the trading pair from the interface, then adjust the leverage (up to 100x) and choose the order type. After that, enter the price and quantity and select Buy (Long position) or Sell (Short position).
Close a position You can select to Limit or Market a position. For Limit, the system will close the position automatically when the set price reaches. For Market, it closes the position at the current market price.
Affiliate Program Be the futures affiliate. Get up to 60% of futures commissions.
Join the BitMart Futures Community Today Always there for you.
Trade Futures Anytime, Anywhere You can download Bitmart App on App Store or Google Play. Or scan to Download iOS & Android
Web Make a massive leap in your gains on BitMart’s web version.
API More efficient to trade through API.